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15" Pure-for-Sable and White

Health Clearances:

Eyes CERF - Normal

Hips OFA - Good

Thyroid - Normal

vWD Vetgen - Clear

MDR1 - Normal/Normal


BISS GCh Adair Destination

CH Lynnlea's The Ring Bearer


Adair Always On Your Mind

   Tanner finished at sixteen months of age with four majors (two Specialty majors) with handler, Becky Johnson. 

  Tanner came home, sired his first litter, and matured into a dog with hard-to-find virtues.  Since Tanner had finished as a young dog, we decided to embark upon a Specials career which permitted him to be seen and appreciated as an adult by judges and breeders alike.  By June, 2010, Tanner was the 4th sheltie to be awarded the new AKC Grand Championship title, and by September, he had reached Bronze status.  Tanner finished 2010 with 55 BOB, 15 Group, and 6 BISS wins.  He was ranked #4 in Breed and #6 in All-Breeds and garnered an invitation to Westminister 2011.  It was a remarkable year for this once-in-a-lifetime dog.

  Tanner's virtues include: full rounded muzzle, eyes set obliquely in the skull, proper length of back skull, ears set high on the head and tipping forward, full dentition, crest of neck flowing into a correct front/shoulder assembly, well-angulated rear with proper bend of stifle, sloping croup and short hocks, harsh, profuse coat, sweeping side gait, and balanced outline.

   Tanner is a sweet, loving dog with a playful and loyal nature.  He stamps his kids with his beautiful face, profuse coat, and sound body.

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